It’s time for the Majority Leader in Parliament to bow-out, he has failed the NPP

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It’s time for the majority leader in parliament to bow-out, he has failed the NPP on the 6th of January and disastrously failed to build consensus in the house to approve government budget on Friday as well.

Sadly enough, he’s engaged in media-talk-shop to aggravate the situation for the government in power that needs a budget badly to run.
The speaker is reported to have traveled outside the country for a medical review, the current parliament at all cost needs a speaker to enable the approval of a budget, that’s so simple and straightforward.
Because if any of the deputy speakers, all of which are coming from the NPP side of the house sits, the numbers will stand in equals of 137-137 which in effect will render the approval impossible, because if the house votes with such equal numbers, any motion before it is considered lost since the speaker at all times has no original voting right.
At this point, the chief whip of the NPP in parliament, the leadership, and particularly Osei Kyei-Mensah-Bonsu should be reaching out to his colleagues in the minority to reach an understanding and get the house to approve at least portions of the budget while they negotiate on the issues that are outstanding.
Instead, he’s on media engagements, talking constitutionality, and party leadership led by it General Secretary is insulting the Speaker who they need badly and urgently to get their government running. Not all issues can be legally resolved, the situation as it stands, needs political tact and reflective thinking.
These NPP guys are just exhibiting what they are known for, disrespect! Even at their own decrement. Somebody must gently whisper to them how foolhardy is the wrong approach on this occasion.
And the attached video, is Michael Okyere Baafi, the first timer in parliament representing the New Jauben South Constituency, the one that was heavily supported by government machinery to replace the respected Economics, academics and international colossus Mark Assibey Yeboah, who ordinary would have been a resource in the house at these times, unfortunately, their arrogance got them a replacement of a voltic bottle orchestra man who is seen in this video virtually misbehaving like an overgrown child, a behavior last seen in an American President called Trump!

Enjoy yourself Sunday.

By Benjamin Madugu

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