DEFENCE INTELLIGENCE: Subterfuge does not work on me

An Owula Mangortey observation…

I am a Citizen.

I am a Whistle-blower with a known face and address. I don’t cover my face. I don’t use any camouflage and concealment methods.

If you are looking for me, invite me and I will come. I don’t have anything to hide. I don’t fear anybody and anything, after all all-die-be-die.

Recently I was in Church with the former Director-General of Defence Intelligence and now Chief of Staff Army HQ, Major-General Andoh. After Service, I walked up to him and introduced myself to him.

I am not a stranger to your Intellligence Officers in the countryside.

That is why I want you to know that I do not appreciate the subterfuge used on me by your Bawku Sector Defence Intelligence Officials in the afternoon of 14th December, 2021.

I had two calls at 13:03 and 13:04 from your DI officials.

I called back at 13:56, 13:58, 14:03, and 18:10. The DI officials did not respond.

Do you know why I did not pick the DI officials’ calls at 13:03 and 13:04? Your DI officials were shamefully using a long discarded subterfuge trick to track a suspect they had mistakenly profiled as Owula Mangortey. So, they called watching to see whether the call would be picked so they could swoop in on the suspect. After their funny operation failed, I called back intermittently but there were no responses to my calls.

Director-General of Defence Intelligence, kindly request your Bawku DI officials to explain why they called my phone at 13:03 and 13:04 and refused to pick my calls.

If they are looking for me at Bawku, they can easily find me at the Osofo Mame chop bar near the NIB office at exactly 11 am. They can even watch the rushes or dailies of the CCTV cameras fitted at vantage points inside and outside the chopbar and they will see me seated at one particular spot.

Kindly advise your Bawku DI officials that subterfuge does not work on Owula Mangortey.

I shall return.

Owula Mangortey
14th December, 2021

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