Kevin Taylor exposes Biggest Scandal at NPA under the supervision of Mustapha Hamid

Kevin Taylor exposes Biggest Scandal at NPA under the supervision of Mustapha Hamid

Corruption seems to be an unending business under the current administration. Since 2017, Ghanaians have been hit with scandals upon scandals even though the government of President Nana Akufo-Addo promised to protect the public purse prior to its assumption into office.

The PDS scandal, Agyapa Royalty agreement which was forced to roll back, the Australian Visa fraud, Cash for seat, galamsey scandal, missing 500 excavators among other scandals easily come to mind.

A US based Ghanaian journalist Mr Kevin Taylor has unearthed one of the biggest scandals in Ghana. This is under the Ghana Petroleum Authority (NPA). During his ‘With All Due Respect’ show on Thursday, the owner of Loudsilence TV alleged that, the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) was aiding the NPA to robb the nation of millions of cedis in the area of tax evasion.

According to the journalist who has been credited for exposing all major top scandals in Ghana, there were unlicensed oil marketing companies (OMC) in Ghana which do not pay taxes yet they lift millions of litres of fuel from NPA. Kevin Taylor mentioned up to five OMCs which lifted up to 70 million litres of oil from NPA in October 2021 that either do not exist or have one or two branches. He said because those companies do not pay taxes to the Government, they are able to sell their fuel at very cheap prices thereby destroying the market for the genuine ones.

According to Kevin, the scandal was happening at the time Alhaji Dr. Mustapha Hamid is the Chief Executive Officer for the state oil distributing company. He said in addition to this there were some OMCs which had no bank or insurance guarantees as required by law yet they lift fuel. He said some of these companies are closed to jubilee house and others belong to NPP executives.

He alleged that the CEO benefits from the tax evasion and other rots at the NPA and challenged him to release a statements to deny the allegations if they were not true. Kevin Taylor promised to release more rots at NPA in the coming days.

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