l laughed at NDC’s Chief Biney over Sarah Adwoa Safo impersonation allegation – An Owula Mangortey observation..

A woman is alleged to have impersonated Dome-Kwabenya MP, Sara Adwoa Safo, on the floor of Parliament on 30th November, 2021.

Who was the impersonator?

Suddenly, the NDC’s Chief Biney was hooked into the fray with wild allegations that the Impersonator was his wife, Afia Akoto.

I had a long laugh at Chief Biney’s quandary.

Alberta Afia Akoto of Nkwatia Kwahu

I laughed at Chief Biney over the allegation that his wife Alberta Afia Akoto was an impersonator.

I have been going up the Kwahu mountains to Nkwatia Kwahu for close to 30 years. All these years, I have known Alberta Afia Akoto whose family house is at the Nkwatia Post Office area. Her mother is Madam Akosua Serwah of Nkwatia, and her father is Opanyin Kweku Akoto of Obomeng, popularly called Obomeng Cosmetics.

I laughed at Chief Biney because by her family tradition and values, and by her own Kwahu upbringing, Alberta Afia Akoto is unlikely to get involved in any act of impersonation. For what?.

Alberta Afia Akoto is a lactating mother

I laughed at Chief Biney because I wondered how his wife who is currently a nursing/lactating mother will go all the way to Parliament to impersonate Sarah Adwoa Safo.

Braided hair style of Alberta Afia Akoto

I looked at the hairstyle of the woman alleged to be Afia Akoto the impersonator, and I laughed at Chief Biney.

I laughed, because over the past two weeks till date, Alberta Afia Akoto had braided her hair. So, may be she is a Kwahu magician to have undone the braids, and to have restyled her hair to impersonate Sara Adwoa Safo and rebraided it.

Alibi of Alberta Afia Akoto

I laughed at Chief Biney because Alberta Afia Akoto can easily tell where she was on the date and time the alleged impersonation in Parliament took place, and she can have people put their hands in fire to corroborate her evidence.

Personal attacks on God’s gift to the NDC and Ghana

I laughed at Chief Biney because his wife Alberta Afia Akoto was pulled into the impersonation fray because of her past activities of landing political punches on God’s best gift to the NDC and Ghana.

Instead of staying in her lane, the NPP’s Alberta Afia Akoto crossed over the animal farm gate to “eat” Chief Biney, the NDC’s Deputy National Organiser. And she is deemed not to have shown any remorse nor recanted her previous attacks on God’s best gift to the NDC and Ghana.

Chief Biney, tell Alberta Afia Akoto to be of good behavior towards the NDC’s Messiah otherwise she will continue to learn why when we buy Ga kenkey we ask for pepper.

Alberta Afia Akoto shot the Sheriff but she didn’t shoot any Deputy

Alberta Afia Akoto stands accused of punching the best gift of God to the NDC and Ghana. NDC members don’t forget. But it is laughable the attempts to accuse her of the criminal offence of impersonating Sarah Adwoa Sarfo. Well, she shot the Sheriff, but she did not shoot any Deputy.

I know Alberta Afia Akoto of Nkwatia Kwahu and Obomeng Cosmetics, and to me, it will be the eighth wonder of the world should any one prove that she was the woman who was alleged to have impersonated Sara Adwoa Safo on the floor of Parliament

I am still laughing at Chief Biney’s quandary.

Owula Mangortey
4th December, 2021

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