Members of the Corporate Ghana Hall of Fame hold First networking session

Members of the Corporate Ghana Hall of Fame hold First networking session

Members of the Corporate Ghana Hall of Fame (CGHF) have met in Accra to discuss possible ways of positioning the Association to become a force to reckon with while contributing their quota to the enhancement of the local business environment in the country.

The CGHF is an assembly of carefully selected current and former Chairpersons of Board of Directors and senior Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) in Ghana’s private and public business sectors who are actively in management positions, retired, or are nearing retirement, and whose accomplishments deserve to be recognized and celebrated.

The event held at the Caesars Court at Ridge was put together by The Business Executive Limited –publishers of The Business Executive Magazine. It brought together leading business owners, corporate business directors and managers who have been officially inducted into the Corporate Ghana Hall of Fame for their significant roles and contributions to corporate governance in business in Ghana,

The objective of the networking session was to enable the old and new members of the Hall to interact and share ideas on how best to take advantage of the business environment and also to enable the members know each other.

“We are meeting to strategize for partnerships that would help propel our businesses and the economy of Ghana,” stated Kwasi Abeasi, a former Board Chairman of the Ghana Investment Promotion Center (GIPC) and the Chairman of the CGHF.

In a friendly and relaxing atmosphere, members of the Hall took turns to introduce themselves and their businesses to their colleagues and exchanged contacts for possible future support and collaborations. They also discussed how to fund activities of the Hall going forward and received friendly exhortations, among others.

Suggestions were also made on the leadership structure of the Hall as well as how to identify and review the nominations of new business leaders for induction into the Hall.

The CEO of The Business Executive Limited, Paulette Kporo, urged the members of the Hall to watch out for activities lined up by her outfit as a platform to promote individuals and organizations associated with the CGHF. She said there are some upcoming events in in Dubai and Spain with attractive packages for Ghanaian businesses that would like to extend their operations to the outside world.

“We are opening up the network to other countries. I was in Spain recently to look out for business opportunities and the prospects were great. I will urge you to position yourselves to take advantage of this when the time comes,” she stated.

She believes that when the Ghana corporate community comes together in the spirit of friendship and trust, captains of business and industry can assist each other to set up new companies, expand the present industries and offer capital to young entrepreneurs to establish start-ups.

“When this occurs, they will create jobs that will engage our teeming unemployed youth,” she stated.

Source: Jeorge Wilson Kingson and Derrick Botsyoe


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