National Peace Council and CSOs under heavily armed Military and Police Escort in Bawku

National Peace Council and CSOs under heavily armed Military and Police Escort in Bawku

An Owula Mangortey observation…

I was pleased to note the presence of representatives of the National Peace Council and CSOs in Bawku for meetings with the Municipal Chief Executive, the Bawku Naba and his Elders, the Elders of the Mamprusis at the Naa Zangbeo Palace at South Natinga, and other Bawku stakeholders.

I was expecting the NPC/CSOs to volunteer to move about freely to test the Security, Safety and Peace of the people of Bawku.

However, I was disappointed to note that they were being escorted, guided and shepherded by heavily armed Military and Police personnel.

I was aware that the DI, NIB, the Police (including a crack CID Team from Accra) were shadowing me and could confidently attest to how long I have been in and out of Bawku.

I just completed my usual morning monitoring of social life and security deployments in Bawku. I was at North and South Natinga, Sagabo, Sabongari, Azanga, Kariama, Possum, old cattle market, Techiman lorry station, Sabon Zongo, Highways, Osofo Maame chop bar, Municipal Assembly, the Court and Prisons area, Bawku Sec-Tech, the new cattle market and the area around the 11 Mech Bn Outpost 1, and four (4) primary and Junior High schools.

I was not wearing a bulletproof vest and helmet, and I was not carrying a machine gun and side arm.

I could attest to the social life of the people and how safe they feel!

What wouldcl be the observer-participant testimony of the NPC/CSOs of security and peace in Bawku when they were enjoying such heavily armed security protection?

I cringed!!

Owula Mangortey
Bulugu Police Barrier
1st February, 2022

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