Opinion: Asiedu Nketia’s Strategic moves and John Boadu’s Incompetence

It seems the presence of General Asiedu Nketia, the maverick detective General Secretaryof the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in parliament on Friday has caused some unsettling discomfort in the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

I keep saying politics is a complex business, the NPP meant to disgrace the NDC General Secretary on Friday, unfortunately, that publicity stunt has turned around to cause their foot soldiers to start making demands on their loose-talking General Secretary, Mr John Boadu why he failed to be in parliament on Friday when Aseidu Nketia was seated in a strategic position facing directly his party MPs and seemed to be giving instructions.

What General did on Friday, may not necessarily be a planned strategy by the NDC, but it was a symbolic gesture that gave the NDC members the looming presence of the party over the happenings in that House.

To a larger extent, his presence there sends a message of the party’s mood to the NDC MPs seeing what happened in the ministerial approval fiasco.

If the NPP didn’t make his presence an issue, no one in the NDC or the general public would have been aware of his presence and Mr John Boadu certainly will not be under such a heated pressure from his party members and agenda-setters who are looking for the slightest opportunity to call for his replacement.

May your Asiedu Nketia kind of Grace locate you in the coming week. What they meant for evil, may it backfire in their own territory. May you never find yourself in Mr Boadu’s kind of situation, why Asiedu’s Nketia and NDC’s politics become your personal misfortune for re-elections.

Someone kindly tell your John Boadu not to mind these agenda boys attacking him for going to organize a “useless” press conference in Sunyani on Friday.

By Benjamin Madugu

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