Police Officer who fought for his Rights denied Promotion due him

Police Officer who fought for his Rights denied Promotion due him

A committed and loyal officer of the Ghana Police Service with a heart to serve his institution is suffering in his line of duty due to his commitment to do the right thing.

With all his commitment to the service, to protect and defend the country, Michael Boadi of the Kibi-Divisional Headquarters of the Ghana Police service is yet to receive his promotion after writing and passing his promotional examinations successfully.

Boadi is an officer who will always insist that the right thing is done whenever he is on duty, an act which has brought him some enemies in the service. Some of his superiors are said to have noted that they will make sure that he does not get any promotion while in active service.

The woes of the noble police officer began when the National Headquarters of the Ghana Police Service told him there was a signal on his file even though he had taken the promotional course.

Information gathered indicates that Michael Boadi in 2019 took the promotional course for the inspectorate rank; while waiting the confirmation of his promotion, a feud occurred between his wife and the wife of a service colleague by name Essel James at the barracks at Akwatia when he was stationed there. In the course of the verbal exchanges and his attempt to separate the two, one Kofi, son of James Essel, his colleagues Officer slapped him (Michael Boadi) on the left ear but he did not retaliate since he did not want to do anything that would affect his promotion and the integrity of the Police Service.

The case thereafter was reported to the then Akwatia Police commander, DSP Agyekum Danquah who forwarded it to the Asamankese Divisional commander when he failed to resolve. The Asamankese Divisional commander also transferred the case dockets to the regional headquarters in Koforidua due to his inability to settle the dust but asked them [Michael Boadi and James Essel] to return to their station.

In 2019 when the promotions list was released, all officers who wrote the examination were promoted except Michael Boadi, in spite of his brilliant performance in the exams. He then went to the National Police headquarters to enqure of progress and was directed to the Police Intelligence and Professional Standards unit (PIPS) .

It was at PIPS that he was informed that there was a signal on his file. He asked for the reason behind the signal but was not given any tangible answer. He was told to go home and expect a call from officials of PIPS.

‘At home , I was informed that the wife of James Essel my colleague had engaged the services of a counselor who had petitioned the former Inspector General of Police to release  me (Michael Boadi] for trial which was granted. The call came a month after my visit to the Police Headquarters,” Boadi told this reporter.

He said he waited for many months expecting a call from the so called counsellor but nothing came.

According to Boadi, since his interaction with PIPS no counselor has contacted him about any trial or issue related to the signal on his file or his promotion.

He described the move as an attempt to destabilize him and make him feel distressed and frustrated in the service, and that the act has caused him a great pain after many years of  giving all his life out to serve the police service.

Boadi said his morale   has really  fallen as a result  of this. He is therefore appealing to the Inspector General of Police (IGP) to intervene and properly investigate the issue to ascertain the truth in order for him to gain his required promotion this year.

“I believe in our New Inspector General of Police, George Akuffo Dampare. He is a man of Justice who is always prepared to deliver justice and I appeal to him to thoroughly investigate the issue and give me Justice,” he stated.

Police Officer who fought for his Rights denied Promotion due him Police Officer who fought for his Rights denied Promotion due him

By Adu Koranteng







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