Recent Coup d’états in Africa due to power-drunk leaders – AFRICOM Boss

The President of United States Africa Command, Ghana, Mr. Abednego Rawlings Orstin, has predicted more coups in Africa due to bad governance and corruption.

According to him, the recent uprising in Burkina Faso must be accepted by the toothless Economic Community of West Africa States (ECOWAS) and not sanctions because the Burkinabe people were fed up with their leaders.

Mr. Rawlings claimed that current African Presidents are almost the same since they are only interested in changing their countries’ Constitutions to perpetuate their stay in power in order to steal from the People.

He indicated the Burkina uprising on 24th, January 2022, that ousted President Roch Marc Christian Laborer, was very important adding that the recent coups are massive victories for democracies on the African continent.

“These coups will end corruption in Africa and also stop LBGTQ+ on the continent,” he fumed.

The good people in West Africa love to practice democracies but when their leaders use the power given them by the people to steal, then, they (African leaders) deserved to be ousted.

The President of the United States Africa Command, Ghana, observed that former leaders like Dr. Kwame Nkrumah and his peers were more loving and had the interest of their people at heart adding that Nelson Mandela of the Republic of South Africa and Mr. John Magulfuli, President of Tanzania Republic are perfect examples of good leaders.

“These men thought about their Nations first before themselves and consequently transformed their nations,” Mr. Ortsin stated.

He further predicted that West Africa will surely experience three coups before 31st- July, 2022, due to the selfish behavior of some of their leaders.
According to Ortsin, current African presidents don’t care about God pointing out that their gradual acceptance of LBGTQ+ bears testimony. He indicated that the earth is still under the supervision of God and not evil actors and actresses.

The Africom boss praised the Burkinabe soldiers for executing what he calls ” Holy Uprising”.

Mr. Rawlings also urged all Western Nations and the United Nations to recognize and welcome the uprising in Burkina Faso which was led by Paul Henri Sandaogo Damina and his able officers on January 24th, 2022.

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