Stroke Survivors Day: SASNET Ghana urges Government to address the Challenges

Stroke Survivors Day: SASNET Ghana urges Government to address the Challenges

As Ghana joins the rest of the world to mark this year’s National Stroke Survivors Day on Wednesday March 16, the Stroke Association Supportnetwork-Ghana (SASNET GHANA) has called on the government to act expediently in addressing the gaps that have been identified in treating and dealing with stroke in the country. This according to the Network will allow for the rebuilding of the lives of the survivors of the sickness.

SASNET Ghana believes that “Ghanians as well as persons with Stroke have the right to receive the right medical care and support as enshrined in the Constitution of Ghana”.

Stroke is a public health emergency that is on the verge of becoming an epidemic.

It is for this reason that SANET Ghana is calling on the Ghana government, philanthropists, donors, and other stakeholders to help in the construction of 275 constituency based rehabilitation centres and support the implementation of its Community Life After Stroke Programme (CLASP) to rebuild the lives of those with Stroke, especially in communities where access to stroke support and rehabilitation are not available.

SASNET Ghana is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that has the mission and vision of reducing the burden of Stroke in Ghana. Its primary purpose also includes advocacy, awareness creation, health education and promotion aimed at reducing the prevalence and incidence of stroke, CVD and NCDs in Ghana.

The National Stroke Survivors’ Day is commemorated annually – specifically on March 16 to promote the right of persons with stroke and seek better care and support for persons with Stroke in the country.

A statement by SASNET Ghana on Wednesday noted that the commemoration has been themed “community-based rehabilitation improves the quality of community life after stroke for stroke survivors.” It is designed for consistency with the strategic objective of SASNET Ghana to set up 275 constituency based rehabilitation centers across the country for stroke survivors.

Stroke Survivors Day: SASNET Ghana urges Government to address the Challenges

The COVID 19 situation had exposed gaps in Ghana’s health Structure especially with regards to the treatment and care for Stroke in the country. Over 78% of persons affected with stroke are not able to access post discharge support, neither are they able to afford the cost for the treatment of which is currently not covered under the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS).

“These situations are the major hindrance to the recovery plan for persons living with strokes and a grave concern that must be addressed by government. The situation has a tendency to result in the loss of lives of persons with Stroke or at times leads a second Stroke,” the statement noted.


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