Board of Directors of MOSES Foundation takes Oath of Office

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Mobilizing Old Students for Educational Support (MOSES) Foundation, a global Old Students Leadership Institute with the mandate of mobilizing the global nation of Old Students in building national cohesion for educational development has inducted some reputable and distinguished Ghanaian personalities into office as members of the Board of Directors of the foundation. This was at a short ceremony in Accra.

Members of the Board comprise of the Director General of the National Development Commission (NDPC) Dr. Kodjo Esseim Mensah Abrampa, Former Director General of Ghana Health Service Prof. Agyeman Badu Akosa, Ing. CEO of Ghana Chamber of Telecommunications Dr. Kenneth Ashiegbey, Ishmael Egyekumhene Executive Director of Kumasi Institute of Technology and Environment (KITE) who is also an Energy expert, and the President of the MOSES Foundation, Nyaaba Aweeba Azongo.

Addressing journalists after the induction ceremony, Prof. Badu Akosa, spoke of the eagerness of the Board to lead the quest to build a globally competitive Ghanaian leadership brand to promote the MOSES model as a Ghanaian model response to the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) on Education for Africa and regions of growing economies in world.

Prof. Badu Akosa also emphasized the need to harness the energy that old schools generate in the country during National Science and Maths Quiz and other old student’s activities into more productive activities such as building a national cohesion and mobilizing for sustainable educational development in the country starting with their respective alma maters.

“In every system you harness the energy and potential for an advancement of (in this instance) the educational sector or to build national leadership, currently in this country it appears there is no opportunity to build a national leadership, everything revolves around politics, for me, it was God sent that the MOSES FOUNDATION was mobilizing old students for educational support” he noted.

He urged all Old Student Associations in the country to come on board the initiative of the MOSES Foundation to develop education and foster national cohesion devoid of status, ethnicity and politics.

Mr Nyaaba-Aweeba Azongo explained that the Foundation was established to provide leadership in building national cohesion based on Old students’ solidarity and advocacy in mobilizing Old Students Support for sustainable Education Development in the country and to inspire global leadership excellence in various schools throughout the country.

He said in pursuit of the three key objectives of building national cohesion, mobilizing for sustainable educational support and ensuring global excellence in Ghanaian leadership, the Foundation has instituted three major programs, the National and regional Competitive Best Old Students School Awards (BOSS Awards), the MOSES General Leadership Awards (MGL-LEGEND Awards) to recognize Legends for their quality leadership in various alma maters and finally, the Old Students Fund with the overall objective of recognizing and rewarding not only Old Students’ contribution to schools but Schools and Old Students Associations that demonstrate sterling leadership in mobilizing educational development for their respective schools.

“Indeed, our institutions have produced global nation of old students which defies ethnicity, religion, political, status differences but has not been tapped into to build a collective front towards national development particularly in the educational sector,” he noted.

Ishmael Egyekumhene – an energy expert, expressed delight at his new role as a member of the Board of the MOSES Foundation and pledged his total commitment in supporting the Foundation with adequate advice and direction in achieving its stated objectives.

Egyekumhene urged participants present to spread the good news of MOSES Foundation as the new kid on the block and advised all Old Students Associations to become part of the Foundation for a complete development of the country’s educational sector.


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