Chief Imam, Prof. Nana Oppong launch Book on Quranic Formula for World Economic Development

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National Chief Imam, Sheikh Osman Nuhu Sharubutu, and an astute lawyer and academicians, Professor Nana Oppong, have jointly launched a book they co-authored on the Quranic Formula for World Economic Development. This was at a ceremony in Accra on Thursday, October 6, 2022.

According to the authors, the Quran gives a formula for economic development which requires the transformation of minds, hearts and systems for the attainment of that fulfilled life that God purposed for all persons.

Speaking at the Launch, Professor Nana Oppong, explained that the Quran gives guidance on various issues including the Economy. However, many people are ignorant of these significant principles that make live successful and fulfilling for everyone in the world.

Prof. Oppong asserted that the book has three major Quranic economic principles that can help the world economy and cause massive growth and expansion. He indicated that the three underlying principles revealed by the book include, Knowing good; which includes the acquisition of appropriate knowledge in a field for total development; Act good; that every knowledge acquired must be put into action for absolute growth in that particular field, and finally Love good; which includes enjoying all the good things that Allah has blessed mankind with.

“If you know good, you do good and you love good, then you will create that economy that is good for you. So if you don’t know good or you know but don’t act good, even if you act but don’t enjoy for good, how can you create? So know, do and love is the formula the Quran provides for the economy,” he noted.

The renowned Lawyer further advised the youth in the various Muslim communities to make deliberate efforts to acquire knowledge either in technical or Vocational skills to enhance their economic liberty as individuals or communities.

He also emphasized the need for the various Islamic Schools in Ghana to patronize skills education, as acquisition of knowledge is the first step of economic freedom according to the Quran.

Professor Oppong opined that, there is a need to be fair and just towards one another by applying the same standards that are necessary for the building of the good society and economy at all levels. He said, it is no longer enough to educate children to know things because knowledge without action is a waste of time.

He also cautioned that children must be educated to acquire the necessary attributes ordered by the Quran in order for them to know good, to do good and to love good and that leaders must not just think of their bellies and families but of the ultimate future of every man which is the Quranic contribution for Economic Development.

An Assistant Imam at the National Mosque, Sheikh Mohammed Awal Shaibu in his address on behalf of the Chief Imam, emphasized the importance of knowledge acquisition in the life of the Muslim and that the knowledge Allah has given to mankind distinguishes man from all other animals. He explained how the Prophet Mohamed exhibited knowledge in the presence of Allah and that the Quran said those who know and those who do not know cannot be the same hence the need for everyone to strive to attain knowledge in this life and beyond.

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