Igbo King cautions Youth on Drug Abuse and Trafficking

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King of the Igbo Community in Ghana, Eze Dr Chukwudi Ihenetu, has advised the youth of Africa to desist from the use of illicit drug as these drugs account for many of the mental disorders on the streets of the continent. The renowned King insists that the consequences of drug abuse is dire hence the need for all stakeholders to get involved in the fight against drug abuse and trafficking.

At a media engagement at the Royal Igbo Palace in Accra on Wednesday, Eze Dr Chukwudi Ihenetu, appealed to African leaders to commit resources to the campaign against the use and trafficking of illicit drugs to save the lives of young adults of Africa.

“The fight against drug trafficking is not one country’s fight. All African leaders must join the fight to save our youth. Let’s make efforts to curb the illicit trade and the use of prohibited substances until such a time when the country is ready to legalize them,” Eze Dr Ihenetu noted.

He pleaded with drug dealers to consider other sectors such as Agriculture and Health for investments that will grow the local economy and spare the lives of various drug addicts.

“So, while you’re making money, you are destroying yourself and destroying these children. So, for me, it is a dangerous thing; I call it a dangerous cancer that is eating up this generation, not only in Ghana, not only in Nigeria, not only in America, but all over the world,” the Igbo King said.

“As African leaders, we need to launch an advocacy campaign against drug trafficking which is largely affecting the youth who are our future leaders.

“Drugs can cause psychiatric problems in the youth. Most of these mental disorders are caused by these drugs. Let’s all get up and ensure there is good life for us and our children.”

He urged business men and women, governments, parents and guardians to speak against the use of illegal drugs, while calling for strict enforcement of the anti-drug trafficking laws.

By Derick Botsyoe || GhanaNews.TV

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