Kpando Constituency: Open up Sovie for Total Development – Community Leader Crys Out

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A Community Leader for Sovie-Deme in the Kpando Municipality, Michael Tsorhe has urged the government to open up Sovie as a strategy to open-up the Kpando Municipality for holistic development. He lamented that, major projects that can improve the local economy of the area are concentrated in Kpando, causing a disservice to the residents of the municipality.

Mr. Michael Tsorhe, speaking exclusively to urged government to support the youth of his community to embark on rigorous mechanized farming to feed the nation and reduce food hikes in the country. Mr. Tsorhe, explained that, Sovie is endowed with vast fertile land that can be harnessed to improve the food security of the country.

He explained that, the felt-need of the community will be for government to adopt the community for its flagship Program-Planting for Food and Jobs and improve the access road between Sovie and Kudzra to aid the transport of food items produced to the biggest market center in Kpando.

“Sovie should be considered for the planting for food and Jobs program if they can…the appeal I want to make to the President is to passionately suggest to him to help develop the feeder roads between Sovie and Kudzra where a vast farm land is, so that the youth get into commercial farming. The land is lying idle, if the can put a bulldozer on it and make it more accessible and portions given to the youth and provide all necessary logistics, the youth are ready to go into farming to feed the country” he noted.

The Assembly member emphasized that, if government should consider his plea for this extensive agriculture program, it will open up the community and improve the food security of the country.

Mr. Tsorhe further explains that the community and farm lands of the people of Sovie is dangerously eroding away due to the topography of the area- at the foot of a mountain and the construction of the Kpando-Accra Road, which did not include proper drainage systems for the community. He urged the Municipal Assembly to as a matter of urgency construct a proper drain for the community to avoid any disaster when the rains become severe.

On tourism potentials in the area ,he enumerated various sites that can be developed into beautiful tourist site to encourage tourist attraction and improve the local economy. He said the mountains in the community gives beautiful sites across the Volta and Eastern Regions. He also indicated that, the mountain gives a beautiful view of the Volta Lake, Akosombo Dam and many other interesting places. He urged investors to also consider Sovies for a landing site as the lake in the community has the right depth to guarantee a safe landing site and beautiful tourist center.

Mr. Micheal Tsorhe called for a comprehensive support for the education and health needs of the Sovie Community explaining that, many of the educational facilities in the community are not in the best of shapes and that the basic school lacks adequate furniture for all pupils. He called on the Municipal Assembly and the Ghana Education Service to support educational infrastructure in the community especially at the Sovie CYO Technical Vocational Institute which is serving students across communities in the municipal.

He said the Community Clinic is non-functional and needs a lot of support to function at its optimum level. He said though there are some health professionals at the center, there is a need for total upgrade of the health center to meet the needs of the local people.

On the performance of the Member of Parliament for the Kpando Constituency- Dela Sowah, Mr. Tsorhe opined that, she has done her best and that her strength in the constituency will be her educational support and some other works in the health sector of the constituency.

He concluded by calling on philanthropists and other well-wishers to invest in Sovie to serve as the gateway to the Kpando Constituency of the Volta Region.

“all projects and activities are concentrated at Kpando, so there is a need to open the municipality by bringing some projects to the Sovie people” he said.

By Derick Botsyoe

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