Adom FM’s Abednego Asante Asiedu elected President of NLA University College Student Council in Norway

Adom FM’s Abednego Akwasi Asante Asiedu has been elected as the President of the NLA University College Student Council (SC) in Bergen, Norway.

The Council by a unanimous decision elected Abednego Asante Asiedu who is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Intercultural Studies to lead the student body for a year.

The Council at a meeting held at the school’s Campus at Sandviken in Bergen on December 7, 2021 also elected Mariette Norrman Thomassen to the Vice President position.

The Organisational Consultant at NLA University College, Susanne Bere who chaired proceedings for the election congratulated the new executives and assured them of her office’s maximum corporation to champion the welfare and interest of all students.

On his part, Abednego thanked the Students Council for entrusting him with such a huge responsibility.

“It is with great honour and humility that we accept the election as the incoming President and vice respectively of the NLA University College’s Student Council (SC). Thank you for the support. We promise you, as newly executives we will do our very best to champion the interest of all students and also to ensure transparency and accountability in our tenure in office” Abednego and Mariette assured.

“Thanks also go to the entire Council for entrusting me with this huge responsibility, more importantly I would like to express my gratitude to the entire student body” Abednego said.

“My election by the Council is not a personal victory but a victory for the entire student body. I would like to also congratulate the Vice President, Mariette Norrman Thomassen on her election with me and all the other elected officers to serve the student body in various capacities. We need your support to make the Council more vibrant and accountable to make our noble university (NLA) proud of our tenure.

“We shall only be able to discharge this responsibility by working with all stakeholders such as the leadership and management of NLA, the entire faculty members, the Student Parliament to improve the welfare of students. Let’s work together to make NLA University great in the interest of all”.

Adom FM’s Abednego Asante Asiedu elected President of NLA University College Student Council in Norway

Student democracy at NLA

The students at NLA University College have two different student democracy bodies. The Student Parliament is the supreme body for all students at NLA University College, irrespective of their study location. In addition, the school has a Students Council at each of the four study locations. In contexts where NLA University College only has one students representative, these bodies cooperate to form the NLA University College representatives.

The Student Council (SC)

The Students Councils (SCs) are the student body at the individual study locations and mainly deal with local issues. The student council is the natural point of contact for classes/groups and is therefore responsible for initiating work on issues and challenges reported by individual students. The SC consists of one representative of each class. The SC chooses its own chair and the rest of its board. The board prepares issues and has contact with the administration, academic management, student parliament and other student organisations.

The Student Parliament (SP)

The Student Parliament (SP) deals with issues that relate to students at all NLA University College’s study locations. The SP also deals with individual issues that are submitted to it. The SP has representatives on all important councils and committees at NLA University College and represents the students’ interests on these.

The SP is the supreme student body and cooperates with the Student Councils on local issues when it is natural to do so.

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