Otumfuo: Driven through the lines of dangerous politics by the NPP

The NPP and Akufo-Addo, succeeded in dimming Otumfuo’s light on the royal gold coin, an initiative the press should have spent time discussing and educating the public on.

Atlas, an unpopular government has driven the revered Chief along the dangerous lines of politics, thereby turning an eventful end of year Akwasidae and beautifully launched royal coin into a E-levy brouhaha.

Asantehene has had cause to caution the government to stop attempting to push all-ready-made speeches down his throat, I hope this is not one of those. If it is, then I’m sorry to say, he fell for their trick, designed carefully to subject him to public ridicule.

And those around Manhyia, who had knowledge of this speech and allowed it go public knowing the tension the E-levy has generated and the public backlash it has canvassed since it’s introduction in the budget, has no busy working at the palace. They have outlived their advisory responsibilities and must be made to resign and join the slippery government.

By Benjamin Madugu 

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