Bawku conflict likely to take a different dimension with drive-by (ride-by) shooting into targetted communities(.)

Background (.)

(1). Suburbs in Bawku have boundaries(.)

(2). Some boundaries are water ways or gullies with “high” lands and “low” lands(.)

(3). The criminal gangs who get to those boundaries first have advantages over their rival gangs to launch attacks(.)

Security Interventions (.)

(1). The Military and the Police have taken over those boundaries and have constantly patrolled the suburbs, much to the displeasure and discomfort of the criminal gangs (.)

(2). A source told me, “all the loopholes are covered.” There’s a military tent at Sagabo (around stadium).”

That’s where Kusasis and Mamprusis live meters apart (.)

(3). I drove around and had chats with the Security personnel and saw for myself the Security presence at the boundaries and the frontage of the Presbyterian Hospital (where a big military armoured vehicle is stationed) (.)

(4). The FPU from Accra and the UER are also strategically located at different parts of the Municipality (.) The white-coloured FPU vehicles look more like hospital ambulances (.) Is it possible for the FPU to deploy “frightening” wrinkle armoured vehicles?(.)

(4). DI, NIB and RCID “gbagbladza” are crawling all over the place (.) It is their awkward way of walking and talking that blows their cover a bit for those with experienced eyes to identify them (.) They should be advised that whilst on the beat at a chopbar and/or drinking spot, they should buy enough meat and fish with the fufu, and drink vodka (as it does not make the drinker “blow fuse”) (.)

(5).There is heavy military presence from Winamzua School Park area, and the boundary between Winamzua and Sabongari (.)

Sabon Zongo too has heavy security presence (.)

Drive-by or ride-by shooting in targetted communities (.)

Information I gathered points points towards a new dimension of the Bawku conflict in which vehicles, and especially motorbikes riders will shoot into targetted gatherings and escape (.)

Suggested Political/Security Action (.)

(1). The Upper East REGSEC on 24th December, 2021 banned the riding of motobikes in Bawku on the Samanpid festival day and to the durbar grounds on 29/12/21(.)

(2). It is suggested that the ban must be maintained for at least a week (.)

(3). After one week the ban must be eased with a caveat:

(a). Ride alone without a pillion rider (.)
As sources told me, it is difficult for a rider to ride, shoot and escape (.) However it is relatively easier to have one person ride the bike and the pillion rider shooting into a targetted gathering and escaping (.)

(3). Historically, as a Source told me, there is a precedent where a similar ban on riding motobikes was imposed in or about 2007, and the ban was eased slowly in a similar manner as I am suggesting.

Owula Mangortey
30th December, 2021

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