Dr. Nana Oppong, 2 Others Honoured by Distinguished Scholars of Africa

The Ghanaian who is more than Plato and Newton combined

On Thursday December 9, 2021 the Distinguished Scholars of Africa honored three exceptional Ghanaian scholars with distinguished fellowships at the auditorium of the Council for Scientific & Industrial Research.in Accra. The theme of the forum was Learned Leadership for Democracy and Development”.

The event was colorfully attended by a large number distinguished guests. The awardees were Professor Martin Gyambrah President of the University of Applied Management and Professor Nicholas N. N. Nuamah-Nsowah, the President of Dominion University College and Dr. Lawyer Nana Oppong. Professor Gyambrah and Professor
Nuamah-Nsowah were honored as Distinguished Fellows and Nana Oppong received the award of Distinguished Professor and Fellow of Law and Sciences.

All the awardees deserve recognition for their demonstration of brilliance throughout their lives and institutions. To all three of them we salute and say ayekoo! For those of us who have known Nana Oppong for years, especially we in the media, where he has written countless articles for us over the years, we are not surprised to learn of his award. The man is one in a billion in terms of brilliance. Nevertheless, in giving him the award, the Distinguished Scholars of Africa noted the exceptional brilliance of Nana Oppong as summarized below.


In 2001 a very young scientist in Canada challenged Einstein, the famous physicist of the 20th century. In his General Theory of Relativity Einstein posited the curvature of space and of the relativity of time and space. The young scientist did some analysis and came to a radically different conclusion about the nature of space and time. He submitted a new theory of physics radically different from his predecessors on the nature of space, time and of fundamental particles. The young mans theory was that space was the primary and absolute reality with all other things being relative. Space, was the first, the last and the mother of all reality. Nothing can come into being or exist except it is born into and there is a space for it. You can imagine a world without motions or things. But you cannot imagine a spaceless nothing. All motions and require preceding, enabling and proceeding space. Accordingly, space does not curve nor is it relative. The scientist also posited that the basis of reality was space and one thing only; namely, the microbit. He coined the microbit and explained that it the fastest possible speed and the least possible object. The microbit is the foundation of all things including the atom to the biggest of galaxies and universes. According to this theory, everything comes from the one with the one. That one, being space is in whom we have, breathe and have our being gives rise to the one microbit and from there fractions, multiplicities, differences, varieties and the countless things are born. The young scientist stated that in arising from the same microbit, every event or object is thus convertible into each other and all things are related as coming from one and made of one. The technological possibilities within our hands are thus endless for in time, we can learn the process of differentiation, aggregation and functionalization and convert anything into anything and thus create endless discoveries, technologies and possibilities. And for the microbit, the young scientist established that it moved faster than anything known to man. It was faster than the speed of light which Einstein posited as the maximum. The young man wrote that the speed of light is not the maximum and that there are particles and events travelling at speeds incredible faster than the speed of light multiplied. This was an extremely complex theory that questioned conventional physics and yet the young man has since been proved right. In proving that the fundamental realty was an immaterial space that is indivisible, indestructible and ever present, the young scientist also proved the reality of the one and only God and showed us where God is. He rubbished the theories of those who said that God could not be proven through logic or science. Through physics, he demolished atheism, polytheism and all other nonsensical explanations of reality. For the first time ever in the history of mankind, the young man conclusively proved the non-material basis of all materiality. We are all in space. Nobody can get out of space or go outside of it to observe it or to interact with as an object. The ultimate space of reality, the young man rite, is the God of reality. To say that this is remarkable physics and extraordinary would be an understatement. Can you guess who that young man is? His name is Nana Oppong and he is a Ghanaian. He is the Father of Microbitic Physics.


From physics, Nana Oppong turned his attention to biology and to medicine. In Quantum Lights & The General Rate of Presence, Nana Oppong submitted the theory that life as configured on the planet earth is founded on light; with the consciousness of man weaving in and out of presence at the speed of light. To be alive is to be light. The living are made up of photons and the dead are electrons. When the lights go off, we call it death. But just as electrons can be turned into photons and photos turned into electrons, so too can the dead be turned into the living and the living turned into the dead. Imagine that! ‘Let there be light’ therefore, means let there be life. On the practical level, Nana Oppong established nature as proving his theory abundantly by the process through which dead things are eaten as food by the living and converted into life by the living. Thus, the theory provides a practical mechanism which human beings can learn to bring the dead into the living. Imagine a world in which scientists would be able to reverse dying cells and heal the sick. Imagine a world in which dead organs can be reprogrammed to live again. And imagine a world in which the dead can be raised so that for some time first death may not be the final death on earth! This would revolutionize medicine beyond our imagination and usher in a fundamentally new era in great health for all. Remarkably, since he published his theory, a lot more work has been started and continued by many brilliant scientists around the world on the possibility of one day raising the dead through science. The theory also provides the key to the question of how artificial intelligence can attain consciousness. Nana Oppong is the first scientist ever to link the process of eating and living as offering the possible mechanism for transforming the dead into the living. And when one day the dead are raised through science, the father of that incredible world would be none other than our dear brother Nana Oppong.


From Physics and biology, Nana Oppong has brought clarity and light to economics. For over two hundred years since the discipline of economics was formalized as a formal subject, economists all over the world accepted and worked with the theory that there are four factors of production for the economy namely, land, labour, capital and entrepreneurship. This orthodoxy of economics was unquestioned until Nana Oppong turned his critical lens unto the field. Nana Oppong has now added a fifth factor which he proves to be the most important and of the 5 factors. The fifth and superior factor of production according to Nana Oppong is authority which dominates, regulates, organizes and supersedes the other four; and without which the other four cannot achieve much. His theory places emphasis on creative and legal superiority and finality as providing the critical difference between developed and developing and between weak and powerful economies. Linked to his superior factor is the discipline of Nichemathics which Nana Oppong founded in 2010. . Nichemathics is a totally new discipline on economics with a focus on people-resources and creativity as key to growth and sustainability of industries for developing countries and beyond. Smart people, not forests or mines, says Nana Oppong, are the foundations for the wealth of nations. African and poor countries need to focus on mining of intelligence and creative talents rather than coins and oil. For all over the word it is the smartest collaborators who discover, who engineer and who create the technologies and products that serve the greatest needs of man. No nation that listens and follows the advice of Nana Oppong can falter in developing a healthy and prosperous economy. He has the light of economics in his hands. African leaders pay heed. Please read his books.


Nana Oppong is the founder of The Collaborative Theory For Human Evolution (Evolution = LC x G). LC= learned collaborative. G=great culture. According to him, human beings are uniquely different from animals and other species on earth and for that matter, evolve differently. When it comes to the evolution of man, it is neither ecology nor biology but intelligent and enduring collaboratives or cooperating intelligences united by a great or singular cause driven by a wise culture. The progress or regress of any nation is critically dependent on the ability a number of individual intelligences to become specific, reliable and efficient parts in a social machine. It is only those societies that continuously manage to have a greater number of individual intelligences lose their separate notes and merge into a network of harmonious intelligences that can boast of the necessary learned collaborative that is key the evolution of evolution. According to Nana Oppong the evolution of man is not dependent on a smarter or a larger-brained individual. When it comes to the evolution of man, a trillion men each of enormous intelligence acting on his own is inconsequential and even dangerous, as long as each walks alone. The secret to the evolution of man is a “we-ness” founded on intelligent unity of skills, values and goals (learned collaborative). Unlike the prisoners of nature, a nation evolves to the extent that the greater number of individual intelligences within it are able to communicate intelligently, and agree and work consistently with one another towards a stated intelligent purpose. In the evolution of incompetence”, Nana shows that evolution is relative to those of ones contemporaries. There are communities whose measured evolution as compared to those of their contemporaries, are so slow, they in fact move back-wards and perform worse as compared to their previous ranking and as compared to others. Nana Oppong explains that there are languages, narratives, practices, traditions, rhythms and rules that warp the mind of the person and result in stupidity. The reverse is true. By showing how people become stupid, Nana provides the formula for avoiding it and of the ways towards accelerated evolution.

Nana Oppong is an almost mythical figure with incredible authority in many fields. Here are some of his other books and publications.
Toy Economics & Fake Developments
Mental men & Magic Economies
Sin IDs & Sin-emas
Rational Science
Symphonic Theory of Intelligence
The Superior Canon
The Physics of Stupidity
The Alchemy of Human Evolution
Cultures & Narratives and Cultures of Incompetence
Acquired Incompetency Syndrome
Nonsensus Consensus
Beautiful Nonsense
Needs, Morons & Genius
Tribe Education & The Reformation of Africa
The Illuminati & The Intelligenti
Paper Nations and the Renaissance of Africa
Independence Was a Gift To the Colonialists
The Rulers Constitution
The Financial Costs of Brand Africa
The Joy of Corruption
On the Liberty of Fools
Human Evolution and the Danger of Iness
The New Idiot
The illegal
Law, Poverty & Global Justice
Law for the Vulnerable
Seven laws of Corruption
Law as Enabler of Corruption


Seduction Theory & legal Empire. In this book, Nana states that power is sustained by consumption and that if you have nothing important to offer people, you cannot have power over them. The greatest power creates needs and has a monopoly over the fulfilment of those needs. Through the theory Nana Oppong shows how some nations rule, dominate and exploit other nations legally, peacefully and profitably through systematic and consistent provision of goodies that create addictions and loyalties from citizens of other nations. The work is a solution for creative markets and national competitiveness.


The Subversion Index, the first in the world. The Subversion Index states that every formal system or organization is subject to weaknesses from incompleteness and manipulability. The Index further posits that unless such weaknesses are explicitly anticipated and minimized through systemic structures and surveillance, formal systems are apt to be vulnerable to systemic inefficiencies and corruption. The Subversion Index therefore, measures the degree to which an institution or organization is a). incomplete and b). vulnerable to substantive and procedural subversion or tinkering towards unacceptable objectives.

Due Diligence Index (DDI), the first of its kind for developing nations. The DDI measures both past performance of a person, company or organization, where applicable and the probable or actual impact of any given undertaking in the areas of financial soundness, innovation, women, local and national community improvement, the environment and employee welfare. The DDI is computerized for automatic scores in respect of individual or corporate applications for financial institutions and organizations.

Nana Oppong deserves the Nobel Prize in Law, Economics, Physics, Biology and more and we are sure he will receive them sooner or later. In the meantime we ask all Ghanaians especially the youth to applaud Professor Lawyer Nana Oppong and let us take firm actions collectively in our schools and institutions to ensure that in the coming years, we would have more one thousand Nana Oppongs from Ghana as priceless blessings to the entire world to the glory of God. Ayekoo!

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