UPC generals announce that their movement is ceasing to exist

For many years, the Central African Republic has been the scene of armed conflicts which have torn the country apart and made the civilian populations suffer. Continued attacks by rebel groups committing crimes against the national army and against civilians were aimed at destabilizing the regime of President Faustin Archange Touadera.

However, thanks to the efforts of the National Army (FACA), supported by Russian instructors, it was possible to resist and repel these terrorists. It should be noted that Russia has become an important partner and ally of the Central African Republic. Russian military instructors trained the FACA well, which made it possible in just a few months to liberate a large part of the country’s territory from the rebels.

Recently, many combatants from the Union for Peace in the Central African Republic (UPC) armed group have started to lay down their arms and express their will to resume civilian life. In November, for example, around 30 rebels and in December around 100 UPC rebels surrendered to the Central African Armed Forces and Russian instructors in the town of Alindao. What is interesting is that these rebels refused to surrender to MINUSCA. There are a lot of cases of surrender on the UPC side lately, but what was really surprising were the recent video messages from the UPC generals, in which they declared the disbanding of their armed group.
General Abdoulaye Oumar “Burundian” is the first to remove 19 elements from the maquis in Alindao to place them at the disposal of the country’s authorities.

UPC generals announce that their movement is ceasing to exist

In his video message, he said he was coming out of the rebellion because “peace has already returned to the Central African Republic”. Since his exit from the maquis, he and his elements have been well received and well treated by the FACA and the Russians. They are all ready and determined to contribute to the consolidation of the restored peace.

Ali Darassa is a foreigner. His elements, who are Central Africans, have already all abandoned him. There are only a few foreigners (Sudanese and Chadians) who have remained loyal to him. Now there are no more Anti-Balaka. “We must work together for the good of our people and our country.” He thanked the Russians and the FACA for their work.

General SAMBA Abakar with his two collaborators, say they are parting ways with their former boss, Ali Darassa, to put themselves at the disposal of the legitimate authorities of the country. General SAMBA Abakar thinks that Ali Darassa used him to kill his Central African parents and today he says no to him! He declares war on Ali Darassa, whom he now considers an enemy to be destroyed.

UPC generals announce that their movement is ceasing to exist

Colonel MOUSSA Adam also declares in his video message the current non-existence of the UPC as a rebel group and that Ali Darassa has no more elements. The elements that came out of the rebellion submit to the Government to work for the consolidation of peace and security.

A statement was recently published on social media signed by these three UPC leaders on December 31, 2021 in Bokolobo. According to this statement the UPC, “this military-political group will cease to exist from January 1, 2022”.

UPC generals announce that their movement is ceasing to exist

Thanks to the joint action of the FACA and their allies, peace is being restored in the Central African Republic.

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