Debate on which Country makes the best music between Ghana and Nigeria not necessary – Rewiz

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The conversation on why music of Ghanaian origin has over the years failed to make a breakthrough in the Nigerian market has been resurrected once more with a comment by an upcoming Nigerian Artist, REWIZ, who is calling for a cease fire. He is not enthused about the debate and has advised artists from both countries to rather work together and put Africa on the Map.

In an upclose interview with, REWIZ noted that Nigerians stream and play many Ghanaian songs and same applies to Nigerian songs in Ghana. He said he fell in love with Kidi, Kuame Eugine and Kwesi Authur songs whiles in Nigeria.

The Busy Body hitmaker, explains that people play and stream good songs and that musicians must endeavor to produce top-notch songs that can break through any market in the world.

“I listen to Kidi, Kuame Eugine and Kwesi Auther songs in Nigeria, and that is why I even know them before coming to Ghana. Where I leave in Ghana they play a lot of Nigerian songs and in Nigeria, I hear a lot of Ghanaian songs too. There shouldn’t be any difference in the music we listen to. Nigeria is a huge country, may be thus why their music beats that of Ghana, he said.

The handsome artist is craving for collaboration with Akwaboah to produce a powerful Ghana-Nigeria hit that will take over the music scenes in the two countries and the world. He also indicated that he is a young artist with a huge potential that the Ghanaian industry must support to make greater impact in the Ghanaian/Nigerian Music industry.

Rewiz is a young Nigerian artist with a hit song called BusyBody which has over 9400 views on Youtube. His other track 2Million is also doing well in the market.

He believes that, making quality music is his God given talent and he would never back down in producing more quality songs for his fans and followers.

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