Editorial: Musah Superior’s Useless, Reckless Grumpiness!

Happenings within the New Patriotic Party (NPP) are becoming interesting, intriguing, and, at the same time, funny, with the manner mudslinging is becoming the order of the day, all because of race to capture positions.

The race for who becomes a key-member of the National Executives of the party and who leads the party into 2024 elections are the reasons for what is currently pertaining in the NPP.

Personality attacks, targeting of persons with interest in leading the party, has also become common that there is somebody on the chopping-board, each passing minute.

The latest to hit town with matters within the NPP, is the former Metropolitan Chief Executive for Tamale, Iddrisu Musah Superior.

Musah Superior thinks that all is not well with the party he is part of, and feels that all those who think that all is well with party are not being frank.

He went further to attack the General Secretary of the Party, Mr. John Boadu, asking him to resign, because, he (Musah Superior) thinks the Chief Executive Officer of the NPP is incompetent.

With the pedigree of Musah Superior, it is expected he understands what collective responsibility is, in politics, and not to single out one person, calling him names and asking for his resignation.

Musah Superior could not be wrong in his assessment that all is not well with NPP, though; because if things were right in NPP as a party and government, an office which is illegal would not be created for him to occupy.

The Forestry Commission Act, 1999 (Act 571) did not make any provision for the establishment for the office of Deputy Chief Executive of the Commission, but because things are not well within the NPP, such position has been created for him to occupy.

In all fairness, John Boadu works together with other National Executives, and should not be made to look like every problem should be laid at his door steps; because he would simply not engage in banters with his party people.

The last time it was checked, Musah Superior was a Metropolitan Chief Executive Officer and could have used his position to work harder to resolve some of the problems he thinks the NPP is facing today.

The likes of Musah Superior who returned from the United Kingdom on the advice of Dr. Nyaho-Nyaho Tamakloe, and had the opportunity of moving with the former General Secretary of the NPP, Mr. Kwabena Agyei Agyepong, should know that one person could not be blamed for the sinking of a political boat.

As far as Musah Superior remains an active member of the NPP, he has a role to play in ensuring the party gets better with time, and he could only do that when he stops targeting others, over nothing.

John Boadu was the person who acted in 2016 as General Secretary of the NPP, and it won power and he was the General Secretary of the party in 2020 and it retained power; so in those two elections he was competent and has become incompetent at the time no elections had been held.

Musah Superior should turn his attention to those Members of Parliament who lost their seats because they lost touch with the very people who voted for them to become Members of Parliament.

If for some good reason, Musah Superior is interested in becoming the General Secretary of the NPP, or, has some persons who are interested in that position, he should fashion proper ways of addressing issues than attacking the incumbent General Secretary.

The Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the Forestry Commission may have issues bordering on how the NPP moves, but attacking the General Secretary the way he did, makes his position useless, reckless and simply empty.

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