The Lamashegu Shooting Incident: How it all happened 

So, two police officers saw a gentleman driving an unregistered car, DV plate. They tried to stop him but he refused to stop. The police gave him a wild chase into Lamashegu near the Lamashegu Palace. The guy got into a corner where he could not escape the police again. He was cornered! The police came out of their vehicle and fired shots at the car. The guy came out and took to his heels. The police grabbed him and started hitting him with the heads of their guns.

People came around and tried stopping the police but they police was obviously on barbiturates or something. They were fucking threatening to shoot everyone. The people were angry about the flagrant madness of the two police officers, they overpowered them with their guns and decided to handle them the Builsa way. They beat the fucking hell out of the police officers. One of the police got a chance to snuggle free, ran into their car and sped off. The unescaped officer was beating badly until he started pleading agitatingly that they shouldn’t kill him.

Of course, the incident happened right in front of Lamashegu Palace. Right in the eyes of the chief and his subjects. So, the good chief rescued the police officer and kept him in his zong until the police patrol came for him. The irate youth were hellbent on killing the officer so they tried all they could to demolish the zong and have the officer killed.

When the police patrol arrived, the exasperated youth hurled stones at the contingent. The youth was fearless. They exchanged the police bullets with stones. Responsible women gathered stones for the youth to fight the police. In the process, four innocent people got shot. One I heard is dead now. After several minutes of fire for fire, the police eventually succeeded taking away the fucking lucky police officer.

The guy the police chased, I learnt was a sakawa guy. He organised his guerrilla men to attack the Lamashegu Police Station. I learnt they attacked and exchanged fire for 30 minutes. You could hear unceasing gunshots for 30 minutes nonstop.

Finally, the police had to call for reinforcement from the military. In the next half hour, the entire enclave of the police station was militarised. No living thing moves in or out!

Note: So, because of ¢50 bribe, the stupid and irresponsible action of the police has led to loss of a life and maiming of innocent people the police is dutied to protect in the first place. Someone is driving unregistered car, and that led to all these unnecessary escalations. How are our current police officers trained now? Or they don’t just value human lives of Tamale people?

The People of North are not necessarily violent. We simply don’t tolerate “boliyoli”. The police must be very very careful. I hope they saw how people hurled stones fearlessly at them with all their machines guns. Yoo!

Look, police chased a driver into the Ya Na’s Palace and beat him mercilessly. The police went to Changli and wrecked terror, beatings and vandalism on the property of everyone in the community. The police went to this same Lamashegu and physically whipped someone for illegal connection. The list goes on.

If you are a police officer in Tamale, you should be worried, because an innocent police officer, one day will pay for the sins of his or her unprofessional colleagues. Police men and women who were riding near the fire zone and did not even know anything about the incident were being stoned.

The police can never achieve their “Service with Integrity” motto or their “Police is your friend” slogan until they realise that the citizens are stakeholders in fighting crime. Even in crime, our rights should still be respected.

The police must restore professionalism in the service by constantly pruning erratic officers or else, they risk losing the goodwill and cooperation from us all.

The Lamashegu Shooting Incident: How it all happened 

The Lamashegu Shooting Incident: How it all happened 

The Lamashegu Shooting Incident: How it all happened 

The Lamashegu Shooting Incident: How it all happened 

However, I advise that we respect the police as much as we can as citizens!

Source: Hannan-Confidence Abdul

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